Trouble, Trouble, N Trouble

By | December 24, 2020

As long as we still live, trouble always be there. Because we learn from trouble and trouble make we grow up. But as human, sometimes felt so tired confront with trouble. Yeah, our live sometimes up and down, life like cycle and full of surprise. But it’s make live like rainbow, full with colour. Sometimes we are happy, sad, cry, badmood, angry, or hopeless. But It’s life, like or not we must trough it.

I don’t know my live happy or not, but everything that have been happen to me, I try to say thank for my God. Even hard to do it cause sometimes trouble make we forget everything. Anger sometimes take control ourself and make we being other. But I  must say thank you with troubles cause they make me more strong but in other side make me more easy to angry. I know it’s bad, but difficult for me to change it. I must trainee myself for control my emotion. Sometimes I hate see someone that look weak. Cause for me, life sometimes like battlefield and we must be strong warrior. You must look straight forward Ur future and don’t see Ur past. The past is past, today is today, and tomorrow is tomorrow. Don’t worry about Your live cause God always have plan for our. And the sentence don’t make me calm down, I still worry about my life, my family and my future. Cause my live so hard and make me sharp look at everyone forward me. I don’t like pressure and intimidition, cause I think our live is free and choice in our hand, no one could take if from us.

however live just one times so we must enjoy it even if hard like happen to me. Always try to bless everyone around you although you need bless too. It’s easy for say it but so hard to do it. Yeah something good easy for say it and so difficult for do it. yeah it’s life depend how we look at, How do U look at your life?

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