Mylife myStory Part VII

By | December 22, 2020

Last week I did two interview and I say alhamdulillah for it. But I must be patient and waiting. Yeah I must waiting for two week or a month to know result it. Yeah long time and it’s learn me to more patient cause life is not easy. Waiting always make me bored. And nobody like for waiting. I just try do the best that I can do, like lyric from Avril Lavigne ” I can do better” :D. I recognize at this time was difficult condition in my life. Everything like so hard. But however live must go on. Life like a battlefield , so we must be fighter and survive. If we’s weak, we will lost and be loser. cause nothing guarantee if life is easy. But it’s okay, for it we live. Yeah sometimes we’re happy but sometimes we’re cry, sad, and laugh. And It’s like color of like.

I don’t know how long I can survive. My income just little bit from my online shop and my outcome so many, I always take my save in the bank. But nothing I can do right now, just be patient and try enjoy every moment. Write, I use it to chase away my bored and make me more happy. Beside write, I love rain too. Rain always make me comfort and calm. Every single water that fallen on the earth like harmony and melody for me. Like a song that bring to fallen sleep and sweet dream. My ears always sensitive to hear sound of rain. When everyone don’t hear yet, I always know it before. Cause there is relation between me and rain. Relation that I can’t show it but I can feel it. Beside that when u cry in the rain, Ur tears can You hide in the rain and no one know if you are crying.

But I believed that God always give way for someone that never give up. Because of that I will fight n try in my life everything happen. If everyone leave me, at less I still have God that always bless and protect of me and I believe it. Life like a circle, sometimes we’re up and sometimes we’re down, and I’m at bottom right now. But it’s okay, because it’s life.

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