Mylife, my story Part IX

By | December 25, 2020

Hello My world

 Helllllooooo my world, it’s feel so long time I don’t come back for U hehehe….yeah writing is world. Cause when I write, I could tell what my heart wanna tell it. My work take my time to write and give me heavy pressure and make me stress. Beside that my healthy down day by day, but I’ll fight it. I must strong for my hope, my happiness and my life. For my family and people around me that love me (so sweet hehehehe…). In my place now, I try to set my live from beginning. Try to be better, better and more better. Although it’s so hard. But I think it’s more better, failed but U ever try it. This week so many worth experience that I got and making me think about live one more time. Like I ever say,”live full with surprise”. However we must trought it, like or not. Sometimes I wanna escape from this life and hopeless but live must go on. Sometimes I think for what I live, there nothing I wanna get. Everything look so mess. No one could understand me until now even my parent. Cause Im unpredictable. But I know, I can’t expect someone or everyone to understand me even to like me. And then I think, if I can’t make someone or everyone understand me so I must understand this situation. Try to deny everyone that dislike me and it’s more better than I get hurt. Cause when I get hurt because of them, they don’t care about that. The people like them always think if they are true. So forgetting to make them understand or know about U.

When I was childhood, so many pain I got it. And it’s always make me cry before I fall to sleep. And when I cry, I always wash my face, hope no one know if I have been cry. And it’s make me grow be woman with stone head. Don’t like if I see the people weak cause I think this world so hard so U must strong like me. But now, I aware if I can push someone or everyone be like me. Cause everyone so different each other. But still learn about that. Yeah how U are grow up make certain how U are in the future. And now I just wanna focus with my live and my future. Think how make my dream come true. My dream just simple, make my family be happy and help everyone around me. But the fisrt I must help myself and look deep inside me. Find what really I want. I hope God never leave me, although I often make mistake and don’t do what I must to do. But I believe, God will always keep me and give way to came back again. Don’t care how long I go from my Lord.

I hope after this, I still have time for write. Not just to tell about my feeling but I can write about anything. So many things that I wanna pour in my writing. I’ll do it step by step, slowly but sure. Spirrrrit…………..

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