My Story Boy Part I

By | March 12, 2017

Today three months and one day Ur old my Boy. Ur laughing, Ur crying, and Ur cracking filled day of day of my live. Ur coming change all my live and my live never same anymore. Need struggle for me to get U. So many tears and pain that must I feel it my Boy but it’s no matter baby cause I love U so much. For U, I’ll give everything, include my life Baby. Cause Ur happiness and smile in Ur face, it’s so worth for me. I can’t imagine how my live without U, cause U’re my live.

Nine months I pregnant U, my Boy. We ever live with one hearth until U have Ur hearth self. U and me always together for nine months my Boy. So many things that we through. And should U know, it’s not easy my Boy. But it’s okay cause U’re so precious for me Baby. Even if I must change my life for U, I’ll do my Boy. I always call Ur name in my pray, hope God always bless U and protect U. I hope U being happy Boy, humble boy, kind boy, and helper for everyone that need Ur help. Don’t ever leave Ur God n Ur religion and U live never mess. So many pray I give for U my Boy.

Grow up so well my Boy. I always be with U, even in Ur dream. I’ll never let U feel alone and lonely my Boy. Enjoy It live my Boy and say hello for world. Cause so many things that will wait U in the future. So enjoy every moment in Ur live my Boy, enjoy it.