Getting Both of Speed and Fun Interaction in Your Live Event

By | November 30, 2017

The stories about unpleasant experience in the major event music festivals around the world are the things that common we heard. Un-imaginable queue line at the gate entrance, another line for using a restroom which not getting any better even after there were protest at the event festivals which run for more than one day, then another line to get the refreshment – food and beverages, stumble upon grumpy line on the ATMs machine with a group of hungry people, pickpocket situation, lost the printed ticket, the lists would be never ending if we talked about the pain points of the live event industry that being faced not only by the guests also by the organizers.

Chaotic guest management is no longer needs to be worried these days. The emerging technology of RFID which stands for radio frequency identification system served solutions for the event pain points above.

RFID functioned at the event industry commonly as a wristband with a small computer chip with a unique serial number each. To enable the function as wireless data transfer technology, the user need to register and activated it first before the day of event.

Here is the scenario of how it works during the event. After being activated previously, the wristband replacing the printed paper ticket, as an identification to pass the gate entrance with just one tap/ swipe. Inside the event venue, the guest who already add up some credit balance to their account from the RFID, can do any transaction by swap the wristband on the payment machine. No need to struggle find some cash or getting busy collecting coin as an exchange from buying a bottle of mineral water. A fun feature of the tech is the connectivity of the social media account of the user, so the user could easily post their fun time photo to their facebook account on the photo booth.

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